Purpose of The Conference

  1. To know the actual issues regarding security issues in relation to various other issues, political, economic, social, cultural and technological developments
  2. To acknowledge various ideas due to security and actual problems nowadays, especially related to contemporary issues trend
  3. To recommend  the solutions of security problems related to political, economic, social, cultural and technological developments.

Panel Discussion

Panel discussion will serve a venue for focused discussion of selected papers on certain topics. Each panel has specific topic.

Cluster A. Security

The current security problem is very diverse. Its aspect is not only in preventing the occurrence of conventional crime, but also in terms of security in the broadest sense. Strengthening border security, investment security, food security, social security, Human rights, etc.

Crime Security, Cyber Security, Financial Security, Investment Security, Border Security, Food Security, Smart City Security.

Cluster B. Technology

At present, technological development is a crucial issue for human life. Human dependence on technology is in a very high phase. Political, economic, social, and cultural issues cannot be separated from technology. Technology becomes a supporting tool (even primary), for example in political and economic processes.

Finance and Technology, Politics and Technology, Social and Cultural Change and Technology, Security and Technology, Crime Mode and Technology, Cyber Intelligence.

Cluster C. Economic

Economic development and growth will have an impact on security. The technological mastery gap will slow economic growth. Conventional economic activities have been abandoned, because of the growth and development of e-commerce that has a close relationship with the mastery of technology.

E-Commerce and Economic Development, Tourism and Security, Social Security, Technology and Socio-Economic Impact.

Cluster D. Culture

Globalization and modernization, which are taking place in the world, certainly have an impact on culture. Implications for cultural development will have implications for cultural change. If the implications occur massively, the state will experience cultural vulnerability.

Modernization and Cultural Impact, Technology and Culture, Promoting Cultural Value Using Technology.

Cluster E. Terrorism & Extremism

The movement of terrorism and extremism is still a threat to world security and Indonesia. The motives for terrorism also vary. Religious and ideological reasons are two things that often arise. Changes in the pattern of terrorist attacks by involving children and women are a phenomenon that is happening in the world today. Along with technological developments

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that have implications for the media, the terrorism movement uses the instrument to carry out acts of terror and violence.

Women and Children Involvement, Industry, radicalism and terrorism, big data and terrorism, social media and extremism, preventing and countering violent extremism, empowering ex-combatants.

Cluster F. National Resilient: Youth leadership space in national defence

Discussing Post Technology Era, it is necessary to examine the subjects exposed to this phenomenon. Not only as a subject but also an object, the youth group is an agent of change towards the dynamics that emerged in this era. Youth groups become the foundation of change towards sustainable development.

The youth group will mainstream the technological approach not only as a tool, but to integrate it with the target results achieved. Technology makes a new space for youth groups in contesting to strengthen social security. Youth groups can also sharpen their leadership through technology.

Based on the UNDP study (Clemente, 2018) regarding the fulfillment of SDGs, youth leadership has an important role in accelerating the process of becoming digital society. Among them through: 1) Green Thinking; have zero waste mindset in activities that are in harmony with the healthy environment, 2) Enterprising solutions; presenting inclusive and sustainable solutions for economic growth, 3) Preventing Violence; prevention of violence in the space of youth competition 4) Robot-assisted participation; integration with the development of robot technology as an assistant to human activities, 5) Multi dimensional thinking; holistic approach to problem solving. These five things are taken into consideration by youth groups in generating national resilience through the existence of technology.

Security Strategy and National Resilience in Post Human Era

Technological advances have had a positive impact on human life. The industrial revolution has brought people to an era with extraordinary technological achievements. In addition, many conveniences are achieved for various activities. In short, technology is inevitable for the advancement of human civilization.

Even though technology is a supporting instrument for human civilization, ultimately humans have an important role to play. Technology design, both its appearance and importance, will be based on humans. It is human beings who create technology, operate technology, and eventually humans will determine whether the technology is still feasible or not.

At present, security is an important issue for the world. Security is a prerequisite for economic growth, development, culture, and political activity, both on a national, regional, and international scale. Political and economic activities will be hampered due to problems of security stability.

The stability of a country is no longer determined by how the level of crime is reduced. The country can be said to be stable if it has succeeded in meeting the food needs of its population. Unavailability or high prices of food will have an impact on people’s purchasing power, hence it will cause social turmoil. Likewise with the energy, a country’s productivity is hampered in the event of a scarcity of energy due to the state’s inability to diversify energy for the community.

Security issues are not only based on security aspects which are only approved by the classics, but security issues are also related to other sectors, such as food security, energy, agricultural security, and economic security. Not to mention, security issues are also faced with the problem of the modus operandi that continues to develop along with technological advances.

The issue of terrorism for example, has experienced various shifts due to the existence of technology. Recruitment and dissemination of extreme narratives no longer use conventional methods alone. Today, extreme narratives have been carried out with the help of social media and internet platforms.

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